Stream it: Emily's Wonder Lab

Melissa Starker, Creative Content & PR Manager

Sep 30, 2020

A woman in pink overalls plays with four children in a small outdoor pool filled with pink slime

Emily Calandrelli, an MIT-trained engineer and past cohost for iconic TV scientist Bill Nye, combines her love of science with her lifelong desire to have fun with her experiments for the Netflix children's series Emily's Wonder Lab.

On a set that combines mod minimalism with a neon color scheme, a racially diverse handful of young science lovers follow Calandrelli through activities like making fluorescent paint from highlighter markers to learn about the color spectrum and filling a wading pool with oobleck for a lesson about non-Newtonian fluids. Each episode ends with something to try at home using common household ingredients. They're all short enough to accommodate limited attention spans and include camera time with the kids to get their take on the experiments. These breakaway segments also reinforce simple but important messages: that curiosity is cause for excitement and that, in more ways than one, science is more accessible than some might think.

Watch Emily's Wonder Lab on Netflix.


Image courtesy of Netflix

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