Stream it: Always Subject to Change

Jan 19, 2021

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The Wex is excited to partner with our friends at WOSU Public Media on Always Subject to Change, a new web series debuting Tuesday, December 15 at 11 AM.

Co-hosted by visual artist Ann Hamilton and Wex Executive Director Johanna Burton, Always Subject to Change is a series of conversations with artists, thinkers, and creators asking such questions as: What does artistic practice look like in an unprecedented era of the public health crises of racism and a pandemic? How do artists and creative thinkers move forward with their work when every day is subject to change? How can artists and institutions play a role in this evolution?

On this first episode, Hamilton and Burton lay the groundwork for the series. Future episodes will feature such guests as Anne Bogart, Bebe Miller, Deana Haggag, Kristy Edmunds, Ann Carlson, and Carmen Winant. 

Check in every Tuesday at 11 AM for a new episode.

Episode 1: Ann Hamilton & Johanna Burton


Episode 2: Bebe Miller, dancer & choreographer

Dancer, choreographer, and director Bebe Miller is a past Wex Residency Artist and longtime Wexner Center friend and collaborator. Her extraordinary, award-winning career continues to find new avenues of expression and creation. Viewing the moving human body as a record of thought, experience, and beauty, she creates vivid and dynamic cross-disciplinary work that continues to break new ground as her company approaches its 35th year of existence. In this conversation, she talks about her practice, work, and process in this era unprecedented upheaval and change.


Episode 3: Deana Haggag, President and CEO of United States Artists

Deana Haggag is the President and CEO of United States Artists, a national arts funding organization doing the crucial work of providing direct, unrestricted support and funding to artists and cultural practitioners in a variety of fields, including film, design, dance, theater, and more. In this episode, Deana discusses why this work continues to be as urgent, essential, and imperiled as ever. How does the crucial work of United States Artists take shape in the face of the dual crises of the pandemic and systemic racism and oppression?  


Episode 4: Anne Bogart

Anne Bogart, the co-director of SITI Company, and Ann Hamilton are longtime friends and collaborators (and past Wex Residency Artists). This lively conversation speaks to that meaningful and lengthy partnership as they talk work and process (and the title of this show) in this free-flowing, but focused, conversation about creation and collaboration. Think of it as eavesdropping on two path pushing, boundary-less artists as they talk shop.


Episode 5: Ann Carlson

Ann’s work borrows from dance, performance, and theater, along with visual, conceptual, and social art practices. Socially engaged and endlessly curious, Ann addresses bias and boundary, stereotypes and their accompanying cultural challenges all to create a body of work that is deeply rewarding and barrier breaking.


Episode 6: Carmen Winant

Artist and writer Carmen Winant is the Roy Lichtenstein Chair of Studio Art in Ohio State University’s Department of Art. Her extraordinary work engaged critically and compellingly across a variety of practices and form and has been featured at a number of venues, including MOMA and the Wexner Center for the Arts. Her recent books—My Birth and Notes on Fundamental Joy—are powerful works focused on the ways in which photography and images can be used to address feminist narratives and representation of women.


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