Playlist: Raja Feather Kelly

Raja Feather Kelly

May 24, 2021

Raja Feather Kelly

It's almost time to give yourself to HYSTERIA. The made-for-video version of director-choreographer Raja Feather Kelly's performance installation work will debut here on Wednesday at 5 PM. But before we get to that, we're thrilled to share the playlist that accompanies the project.

"A playlist for every show I have ever created exists!" Kelly explains. "This is what I listen to before I would perform HYSTERIA."

Fittingly, the first track is the title song from Def Leppard's chart-topping 1987 album Hysteria. From there, Kelly makes room for a little karaoke, classic Phil Collins, a remix of German techno pioneer Thomas P. Heckmann, and several tracks from the soundtrack to Alex Ross Perry's grunge-fueled indie drama Her Smell. Listen up!



Top of page: Raja Feather Kelly in HYSTERIA; photo: Kate Enman

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