Daily Stream: Robert Liu-Trujillo reads Furqan's First Flat Top

Dionne Custer-Edwards & Melissa Starker

May 20, 2020

A young boy of color and his father stand in front of a barbershop in an illustration from Robert Liu Trujillo's book Furqan's First Flat Top

Last September, as part of a trip to Columbus for SÕL-CON: The Brown, Black & Indigenous Comix Expo, Oakland, California-based artist Robert Liu-Trujillo worked with the Wex's Education team on Expanded Classroom programming for local students. Liu-Trujillo visited Weinland Park Elementary to lead drawing workshops, read from his book Furqan's First Flat Topand sign copies that were provided by the Wex to all participating students and teachers.

For this week's Wednesday stream for youth, Liu-Trujillo offers a video reading of his beautifully illustrated book about a 10 year-old boy's first experience at the barbershop. We hope to share even more from the artist in the weeks ahead. You can also check out what Liu-Trujillo's been drawing lately on his Instagram feed.


Image from Furqan's First Flat Top courtesy of the artist

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