Daily Stream: Political Advertisement X 1952-2020 trailers

Sep 10, 2020

black and white image of a little girl picking the petals off a daisy, from a historic Lyndon Johnson campaign ad

Since 1984, artists Antoni Muntadas and Marshall Reese have collected vintage and contemporary TV ads for US presidential candidates and edited them into video compilations, free of editorial comment. The programs are screened in public spaces every four years, coinciding with the election cycle. The Wex's lower lobby will be one of the locations for the 2020 edition, Politicial Advertisement X: 1952-2020, starting October 26. 

Below, Muntadas and Reese share a sense of what you'll see via two trailers that juxtapose commercials with remarkable similarities despite, in both cases, the ads having been made decades apart.



Image: Antoni Muntadas and Marshall Reese, Still from Politicial Advertisement X: 1952-2020. From Lyndon Johnson, Daisy Spot, 1964, created by Tony Schwartz for 1964 LBJ / Humphrey campaign, SD video. Image courtesy of the artists

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