Daily Stream: Make mini 'zines with Noah Demland

Noah Demland & Dionne Custer-Edwards

Aug 12, 2020

A text graphic listing materials needed to produce a mini 'zine, laid over an image of those materials and a ruler on a drawing board

Do you have writing you'd like to share with friends or a subject you'd like to explore in printed form? Columbus-based music educator and composer Noah Demland is here to help. For the latest in our Wednesday series of how-tos for kids of all ages, Demland offers a lesson on what 'zines are and how you can make one in different sizes with just one piece of paper each. As you follow along, let your mind wander through ideas on how you might fill the pages. Look for more installments on 'zine making from Demland and other tutorials from local artists in the coming weeks.


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