Daily Stream: International Anthem playlist

SoundClash Entertainment

Apr 21, 2020

International Anthem recording artist Jaimie Branch plays the trumpet

Our Performing Arts team is currently working to reschedule an appearance by Chicago trumpeter Jaimie Branch (pictured above) that was slated to happen in March. In the meantime, SoundClash Entertainment has crafted a playlist featuring the artists of International Anthem, the Chicago-based jazz label to which Branch is signed. Angel Bat Dawid, who shared a memorable performance at the Wex last October, is another IA artist and is also featured on this list, along with an artist scheduled to perform at the center in December. Which one? We'll let you know in the coming days.

Track list and playlist embed are below.

Image of handwritten track list for a playlist featuring artists on the Chicago jazz label International Anthem

Jaimie Branch photo: Peter Gannushkin


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