Daily Stream: Faye Driscoll

Apr 06, 2020

A group of five dancers stand closely together, their backs to the camera, in a promotional still for choreographer Faye Driscoll's Thank You for Coming: Attendance

We're working with choreographer Faye Driscoll to reschedule the final work in her Thank You for Coming trilogy, Space. For now, Performing Arts Director Lane Czaplinski has shared info on how to access a free stream of the first part of the trilogy, Attendance. On the Boards TV is making it available through the month of April with a special promotional code.

Watch Thank You for Coming: Attendance on On the Boards TV. (use the promo code ARTATHOME20)

If you missed the second part of the trilogy, Play, Walker Art Center has a wealth of information and links about the work and Driscoll's practice available here.

Driscoll also has a video teaser available for Space. You can watch it here.