Daily Stream: Camp TV

Melissa Starker, Creative Content & PR Manager

Aug 19, 2020

Actor Zachary Noah Piser smiles and wears a pile of hats and gives two thumbs up during an episode of PBS Thirteen's Camp TV

Summer days are dwindling but it's not too late to join Camp TV, a virtual summer camp program created for grade school-aged children by New York Public Media station WNET Thirteen, which is currently streaming for free. In fact, joining now provides the benefit of access to a month's worth of programming.

Hosted by Broadway actor Zachary Noah Piser (Dear Evan Hansen), Camp TV presents brisk episodes packed full of learning and play opportunities, led by collaborators from around the world. Each hour-long program (or "day") contains a delightful combination of the educational, the creative, the crafty, and the simply silly—from virtual field trips and segments devoted to critical thinking through math to a short, timed challenge to see how many socks you can put on one foot. 

The show generally moves at the speed of a young child's attention span, except when it slows down to a comfortable follow-along pace for things like art projects using common household materials and lessons about animals in nature. The pace helps ensure your child will stay engaged—or at least that they won't have to wait long to see something of individual interest. And you might consider joining along for the movement and exercise activities; they're equally enjoyable for kids and for adults stuck sitting for hours in their home workspaces.

Watch Camp TV via PBS and Thirteen New York.


Image courtesy of WNET Thirteen

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