Daily Stream: Brian Harnetty, Many Hands (Volume 2)

Melissa Starker, Creative Content & PR Manager

Apr 27, 2020

Cover art for Brian Harnetty's Many Hands volume 2

Central Ohio musican-composer and past Wex Artist Residency Award recipient Brian Harnetty has been recording while sheltered in place and his beautiful new album of piano music, Many Hands (Volume 2), is now streaming. A continuation of a previously released volume, the work offers a unique appreciation for care workers.

As Harnetty explains on his Instagram feed, "the music (to my mind) reflects on care labor--the work done quietly and selflessly by unnoticed parents and nurses and social workers and teachers and artists, too--and I hope this music might help you find some solace.

"This concern for care labor is not built into the music; it was just on my mind at the time of composing," he continues. "And it is on my mind now during the COVID-19 quarantine as I think of my own family, and of the work happening all over the world both out in the open of our hospitals and behind the hidden walls of our homes."

Listen to and purchase Many Hands (Volume 2) on Bandcamp.