Curator Pick: Transformative Access Project at the Society for Disability Studies Conference

Lucy Zimmerman, Associate Curator, Exhibitions

Apr 02, 2020

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Amid this international public health crisis, inequity and injustice in society are both magnified and drawn into sharp focus. Daily, we see and hear of many who are in need of resources, space, opportunities, and support. Now more than ever, conversations around access are critical.

Ohio State faculty Margaret Price (Associate Professor of English and Director of the Disability Studies Program) and Maurice Stevens (Professor of Comparative Studies) are members of the advisory committee for an exciting forthcoming exhibition I’m organizing. (Stay tuned for more on that!). Along with their collaborators at the university and in the community, Margaret and Maurice have been working on an incredible initiative called the Transformative Access Project (TAP) that looks at the access as an intersectional issue and collective endeavor.

They will host a series of workshops this Saturday, held alongside the (now virtual) annual conference for Society for Disability Studies (SDS). 

See the schedule for TAP online events on Saturday, April 4. (Streaming through Zoom)

Access links to the SDS@OSU Conference schedule.


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