Behind the scenes with intern Makayla Davis

May 13, 2020

A whitewashed brick wall covered in graffitied text in different colors

As Ohio State undergrad Makayla Davis wrapped up her 2019-20 Public and University Programs internship, she created an innovative final project aimed at showing the successes and behind-the-scenes work of the programmers, producers, managers, educators, and staff members who made the year possible.

Through a series of interviews with staffers in Film/Video, Exhibitions, Performing Arts, and Education, she developed a whimsical digital zine aimed at exposing the hard work that staffers put into creating success within an arts institution. The project was conceptualized in an effort to recognize cross-departmental collaboration and showcase the extensive labor that goes into the exhibition and presentation of contemporary art to the public. Along the way, she realized the greater institution-wide goals and visions which the Wex actively works in service of and how her role as an intern contributes to the Wex community.

Check out her zine below.



Wexner Center 2020-21 Public and University Programs intern Makayla Davis

Makayla Davis is a third-year Ohio State undergraduate student from Lorain, Ohio, studying Landscape Architecture with a minor in African American and African Studies. She is involved on campus as an ambassador for the Knowlton School of Architecture, the president of the school’s service organization, SERVitecture, the secretary of Ohio State’s Student Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects, and she is a Land Grant Opportunity Scholarship recipient. Makayla is incredibly passionate about placefinding and has studied abroad in London, Rome, and Peru during her academic experience. In her spare time, she loves salsa dancing with her friends.

Images created by Makayla Davis

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